8 Paddle Rimfire Targets

All Rimfire dueling trees are constructed of 1/4" mild steel and stand approx 55" tall.

They have 8 paddles that are 4" around.

Knock down rack or dueling, have the same layout, the knockdown is just turned sideways.

All paddles are easy to replace by pulling the center pivot rod.

Rimfire target will withstand 9MM and .380 rounds and will allow many years of shooting.

All dueling trees and knockdown racks can interchange all paddles if you want to change the caliber of your target. Just order the desired paddles.

Rimfire paddles $12.50 ea

Magnum paddles $15.50 ea

Rimfire knockdown stands $350.00 plus S&H
Rimfire Dueling Tree $259.00 plus S&H.

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