Shooting Guidelines

  1. Shooters and bystanders must wear safety glasses and hearing protection.
  2. Always maintain a minimum shooting distance of 25 yards and 100 yards for high velocity.
  3. Use only cast, swaged or softnosed jacketed bullets.
  4. Never shoot at metal targets with steel bb's or full metal jacketed bullets.
  5. Shooters accept all responsibility for any injury or damages sustained from use or misuse of this product.

Rated for:

Magnum: 9MM, 10 MM, 40 S/W, 357, 44S, 44M, 45ACP, 45LC & equivalents.

Minimum Distance: 25 Yards
Plate Birnell Rating: 230

Rimfire: 22 only

Minimum distance: 25 yards
Plate Birnell Rating: 230

Magnum Target

Rimfire Targets

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